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Welcome to the new website

It’s been years since we revamped the website. Times have changed – websites perform different functions these days and many website functions have been replaced by Facebook and Google. My work patterns have changed over that time, too.

I no longer tour like I used to, though I still perform on club shows and at January news festivals. My radio spot, which has been has been going for 15 years, is now on the Talking Lifestyle national network.

These days I write more, work as a guest speaker and give author talks.

We have dropped the weekly radio bulletins – you can listen to the podcasts at any time these days. The photo archives have gone – Facebook is where people put photos now.

We hope you like the simpler website. I have promised Chrissy, who has run this website for ages now, that I will post a news bulletin once a month.

The mailorder is simpler and you can email me anytime, or contact me for speaking engagements.

Jim Haynes OAM

January News 2018

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