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‘Local’ Jim Haynes Back in Town ‘Out of Season’

‘Funnyman’ Jim Haynes is back in Tamworth for one of his famous ‘Brekky’ shows with old friends Carter and Carter, Paddy Ryan, Melanie Dyer and Starmaker winner Talia Wittman this Sunday.

Jim is often asked, ‘Don’t you live in Tamworth?’ when he mentions to people that he actually lives elsewhere.

‘Many folk assume I live in Country Music Capital.’ Says Jim. ‘I guess it’s because I’ve been part of the festival for so long, plus my long association with the College of Country Music and the Camerata. I also hosted ‘Tamworth Country Theatre’ back in the early 1990s and people just think I live here. Even before that, back in the 1980s, Bandy Bill & Co,  the band in which I front man, played in Tamworth so often for tourist nights and bush dances that people assumed we were a local band.’

Jim will once again be part of the Tamworth Camerata in Tamworth next week and is taking the opportunity to do a ‘Brekky’ show at his ‘usual’ venue, Wests Diggers, on Sunday as part of the ‘Hats Off’ Festival.

‘It’s the first time we have used our January venue for a mid-year’ show,’ Jim said. ‘We will start just a little later than ‘normal’ and the big news is that Carter and Carter will open the show at 9 am and we also have Toyota Starmaker Winner 2008, Talia Wittmann, as a special guest plus regulars Paddy Ryan and Melanie Dyer, so it will be the usual mix of comedy, fun and great country songs.’

The ex–teacher and lecturer, who has just released his twelfth book and is working on three more, has the unusual role of devising and running the ‘Parents’ Curriculum’ at Camerata.

‘I think it’s a brilliant idea for every child to have a parent at Camerata,’ Jim said. ‘The parents have their own classes and discussion groups and activities and my job is to help them understand what it means to have a talented kid, how they can best help their kids, and the pitfalls to avoid.’

‘We talk about the various types of ‘intelligence’ that educational experts have defined, right and left brain activity and the social problems talented people may have, as well as how the business of Country Music works. It’s a very intense week, but it’s fun,’ said Jim, ‘and, unlike the CMAA College in January, I really don’t get to see or hear the students until the final concert.’

Jim Haynes’ Big Bush Brekky Show with special guests 2008 Starmaker Winner, Talia Wittman, Paddy Ryan and Melanie Dyer is Sunday 6th July at Wests Diggers Club at 9am and breakfast will be available before the show.

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