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Jim's Christmas Newsletter ...G'day

Hey, does anyone else notice that the world spins faster as you get older? When we were kids Christmas NEVER came - now it's here before you know it!

A nerdy mathematician friend tells me that it's a GENUINE perception by your brain. When you're 5, a year is 20% of your existence - when you're 50 it's just 2%. (Hope you can work it out! It makes some sort of weird sense.)

Anyway we are just 11 sleeps from Christmas and we have come up with two Christmas Specials for you based on what we can manage with the CRAZY price of postage! (It costs us $15 to pack and send a book these days!)  So, we got cunning, weighed all the books, and came up with TWO CHRISTMAS SPECIALS where WE pay the express postage.

1  These Six books EXPRESS POSTED for $100
• Best Australian Sea Stories
• Best Australian Bush Stories
• Best Australian Trucking Stories
• Best Australian Yarns and Other True Stories
• Australia's Best Unknown Stories
• Best Gallipoli Yarns and Forgotten Stories


• The Big Book Of Australian Racing Stories
• The Book of Australian Popular Rhymed Verse
• The Big Book of Verse For Aussie Kids

Only FOUR shows at Tamworth this Jan, all at 11 AM.
Wed 20th Thurs 21st Fri 22nd and Sat 23rd January at Wests Diggers - With Darren Carr, Katelyn, Liam and Kasey O'Donoghue and surprise guests.

Hope to see you all soon and have the BEST and SAFEST Christmas EVER!  
Cheers, Jim Haynes

Check out Stone the Crows Festival - held at Wagga Wagga - Every Easter



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