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Winter News 2015

Jim Gets Life!

When Amber Lawrence asked me to accompany her on a visit to my old primary school, Botany Public, to ‘sing a song’ during a mini concert and talk she was giving there yesterday, I thought it a bit odd but I was happy to agree.

As it turned out the purpose of the visit was for Amber to present me with Lifetime Membership of the Country Music Association of Australia in front of the pupils, parents and staff of my old school.The citation can be found here.

Jim and Amber It's Me
Jim and Amber outside Botany Public School
It's Me!

I served on the board of the CMAA for fifteen years but it is a humbling experience to be singled out for such an honour.  It was a privilege to be involved for so long in Country Music These days, although I still perform at the Tamworth festival and help out with the Academy of Country Music, I spend my time writing books, doing radio, organizing the Stone The Crows Festival (Wagga Wagga Every Easter!) and performing on the occasional variety show.

It’s wonderful that Amber, the current Golden Guitar Female Artist of the Year, was able to represent the CMAA in presenting the award. We met before she was a student at the Academy, toured together and later worked together as tutors at the Academy. I always believed Amber would succeed and no one more deserves success than Amber.  I want to thank the CMAA for this honour, and all my friends in the Country Music industry for their friendship and support over my thirty years of involvement.

New Book Hits The Shelves
My latest book The Best Gallipoli Yarns and Forgotten Stories, is now available via the website and will be available in the shops at the end of the month. It is a collection of stories and verse, which tell the ‘story’ of the Gallipoli campaign, with the events in chronological order, for the layman, or any Australian who has ever wondered what happened at Gallipoli, what it was like, and why it is so important to all Aussies.

Included are some first-hand accounts of the experiences of the Anzacs at Gallipoli. Some of them were written soon after the events they describe, while others were written later, in hindsight. All of these accounts were written as ‘stories’ rather than diaries or military reports. Other stories and verses chronicle the impact of the conflict on those waiting at home and the reactions of writers and journalists to the whole affair once they had met with, and spoken to, the survivors of the campaign.

‘I Remember You-oo’ at Cardiff - July 10th
The show featuring the story of Frank Ifield, with Frank, Wayne Horsburgh, Jim Haynes & Greg Hooper will be presented at Wests Club, Cardiff, NSW at 1.30pm July 10.

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 It has been a great year so far and I look forward to catching up with you all somewhere soon.


Check out Stone the Crows Festival - held at Wagga Wagga - Every Easter



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