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Media release July 2012

Jim Haynes has finally released his new album, Galah Occasion, nationally. The first single, Australia, is being released to coincide with the Olympics and show Jim’s undying support for the Green and Gold.

‘I thought it was time for a new patriotic anthem, with the Olympics almost here,’ said Jim, ‘time to think about our unique Aussie character and remember some of our icons, pioneers and triumphs throughout history.

Yes, the man who brought us Since Cheryl Went Feral and Don’t Call Wagga Wagga Wagga has launched his first album of new songs since 2004. Released through WJO, Galah Occasion features comedy songs, Aussie ballads and two duets.

Jim teamed up with Melanie Dyer, before she became the ‘girl who got away’ on The Voice, to record the comedy duet We Don’t See Eye To Eye.

Western singer Wayne Horsburgh joins Jim for a unique duet where Home Among the Gumtrees meets Don’t Fence Me In – it’s a duet with a difference - where each singer sings a different song!

Jim played the ukulele on the album and even let rip on the didgeridoo on one track, the first single – Australia, which features on CRS 158. Other songs include Jim’s typical observations of Aussie life like El Dubbo, Colonoscopy and Losin’ It, a song about aging and domestic blindness.

In Auntie Dorrie’s Garage Sale, an old lady achieves fame and fortune instead of going to the nursing home and there are bush ballads like The Banjo and The Breaker, FlashJack/’Ard Tack andJoy McKean’s Casey’s Luck, which also features on the Slim Dusty tribute album, Not So Dusty 2.

For interviews and/or station copies of ‘Galah Occasion’ contact Jim on:

Phone - 02 9663 4791  or  0427 822 213

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