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Jim's February News

Well, my 31st Tamworth was great fun and our shows went well, especially the first day with a packed room to help launch the CD for Homegrown (Katelyn, Liam and Kasey O'Donoghue). Special guests Amber Lawrence, Carter and Carter, Wayne Horsburgh, Melanie Dyer and of course regulars Darren Carr, Rustling Russell and Homegrown, were all in fine form.

I am doing a talk and performance about Henry Lawson at the Coast Centre here in Sydney on Thursday 25th February (article attached - enquiries phone 02 9311 4886) and a show in Brisbane for St Vincent de Paul on Sunday 28th February. (contact Noel Stallard on 07 3630 5161)

Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes on my OAM award. I feel very lucky and humble and proud that people think me worthy of the honour - I can think of many others who deserve it more than me, but I won't be giving it back.

I was amazed to receive letters of congratulation from the Governor-General, Governor, Premier, Mayor of Randwick, local member of parliament, Arts Council, University of New England where I did two degrees and, surprisingly, the Australian Turf Club who said they were now proud to have me as member! (I haven't heard from the University of Wales yet, maybe the news hasn't reached Aberystwyth!) Many friends also sent letters, cards, emails and electronic messages. It was very gratifying and wonderful.

Most humbling of all was a lovely poem written by my mate Will Moody which you will find at the end of the newsletter.

I'll try to be a worthy recipient of my OAM and hope to see you all down the track in Brisbane, Port Fairy Festival or Stone The Crows Festival.  Travel safely.

Oh, I Say!
Will Moody

            An OAM? – On Australia Day?
            An OAM? – Oh, I say!
            That uncouth chap in those garish suits,
            consorting with singers in cowboy boots?!
            With his ukulele and rubber face?
            A common-touch-minstrel should know his place!
            He of the low-brow song and rhyme?
            Oh, I say! It's just a crime!
            Surely we'll find that he's been mistook
            for a 'Vaucluse Chap' or a Toorak cook.
            For a captain of commerce or mining man
            or a sly 'front-bencher' with a back-room plan.

            Well yes, I'll grant that he's done his bit
            to help young hopefuls become 'a hit'.
            And perhaps it's true - there's much to tell
            of the list of things that he does do well – 
            promoting writers of rhyme and song...
            well...yes, on reflection, I could be wrong.
            He can certainly write and anthologise.
            I say! Seems I am the one should apologise
            and say “Well done; full credit to them
            who awarded Jim Haynes his OAM”.

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