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Stone the Crows - We Did It!

What an amazing five days we had at Stone The Crows #2!

They say the second year is always the hardest for an annual event and organisers certainly gave themselves a major handicap by moving the entire festival to a different venue just three weeks before the first vehicle rolled through the gates.

Chrissy, Grant and Jim would like to say a HUGE ‘thank you’ to all of you who came along to the new venue and made Easter so special by joining in the laughter, games, crafts, entertainment, learning experiences and camaraderie that make Stone The Crows so special. From dance classes and sports to the wonderful craft and ukulele classes, the whole weekend was a whirlwind of activity and sharing.

‘We really appreciate the tolerance and understanding shown by our attendees this year,’ said Chrissy,’ we learned a lot in a short time and have already moved to rectify problems and improve venues and catering for next year.

‘We will make catering much simpler and cheaper and have at least one more indoor venue available. Evening shows will finish earlier and hopefully the fact that Easter will occur in early April means it won’t be quite as cold next year!

‘It was certainly a steep learning curve and next year’s 3rd festival is already well into the planning stage. Using the lessons learned this year and feedback received from participants, entertainers, and those running activities– as well as the Clay Target Association and the Wagga Wagga City Council – it should be even better next year,’ Chrissy added.

While there was a friendly spirit and supportive atmosphere in all the events and ‘having a go’ was the name of the game, the winners can of course be proud of their achievements. A full list of gReyVee winners appears later in this article.

It was great to see that so many champs from 2013 returned to defend their titles and the petanque champions from 2013, ………, took out the title again while last year’s winner of both poetry performance categories, Vinnie Beeston, was once again winner of the humorous section, but surrendered his ‘Serious Verse’ title.

Just as important as the winners were the people who organized the events and activities, and of course our amazing volunteers who deserve our deepest thanks for making the impossible become possible! We can’t thank them enough.

While the entertainment highlight was Darren Carr’s wonderful performance on Saturday, there were also heart-warming comments about the quality of the talent at the Sunday concert, which featured bands, singers and musicians drawn from among the ranks of attendees. The talent on display was truly astonishing and Pam’s poem of the day had audiences in stitches every morning.

The Stone The Crows Album launch was a great success. Katelyn is a truly remarkable young performer and Jim’s new Stoning The Crows anthem got lots of laughs while Grant and Tracey’s unforgettable rendition of Old Farts in Caravan Parks was …well … unforgettable!

Jim was humbled and delighted by the reaction to the reading of his musical play Voices From Gallipoli.

‘I was truly amazed at the reaction,’ he said, ’I honestly didn’t realize we were getting a standing ovation – I couldn’t see the audience, just the stage lights, it was a magic moment and the play will now go on to be recorded. We are already getting bookings for the stage show later this year and next year. Can the lady I spoke to at the stoning of the crows event who made notes for me about the production please get in touch!’

Voices From Gallipoli will be staged in its final form at next year’s festival to celebrate the centenary of Gallipoli, but the BIG news is that a music legend has agreed to honour us with his presence at Stone The Crows 2015.

Before the Beatles, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones there was a worldwide pop music phenomenon called FRANK IFIELD. I REMEMBER YOU-OO is a show which tells the remarkable story of Frank’s life and times…with stories from Frank himself, Wayne Horsburgh singing all the hits, musical direction by Greg Hooper and photos from Frank’s amazing life and career.

Frank Ifield had three consecutive number one hits in the British charts in the early 1960s; the only other person ever to do that was Elvis! Frank was also the first artist in the WORLD to have THREE million-selling singles.

Frank’s hits included Wayward Wind, She Taught me To Yodel and I’m Confessin’, as well as I Remember You, but pneumonia and collapsed lungs meant an operation in 1982 that stopped Frank from singing again.

‘Frank has often had me in stitches backstage,‘ said Jim, ‘the man is a legend and a truly great Australian. It’s a privilege to know him and we will all have a chance to meet him at Stone The Crows 2015.’

October 27th to 29th this year sees the first ever Australian National Disc Bowls Championships staged at the same venue in Wagga Wagga and bookings are already rolling in for Stone The Crows 2015 at Easter next year!

The gReyVee award winners are

Vocal Talent
Alan Lazarus
Jumping Fleas Orchestra
Instrumental Talent

Col Smith

Group Talent
Jiggery Jokers
Humorous Poem
Irvin Beetson
Serious Poem
Joint winners - Ann Hunter and Frank Roberts
Painting & Drawing

Helen Ross

Photography A4
Coralie Walker
Photography 6"x4"
Gwenda Pullen
Original Poem - Humorous
Irvin Beetson
Original Poem -
Graham Watt
Original Limerick
Graham Watt
A Murder -
Veronica, Helen, Judi, Terry, Bev, Jeatnette, Andrew, Don, Julie
Quilting and embroidery

Wall hanging - Mary Moody

Quilting and embroidery
Table runner - Dianne Gibbins
Knitting and crochet
Monika Taylor
Oncology Bag

Mary Moody


Winners - The Fruit Loops (defending 2013 champions)
George Prince - Faye Stevens - Daryll Murphy
Runners up - Triple J
Paul and Nicola Jensen, Derek Johnston

Crow FL
Winners - Ray J's
Sharon Wonnocott, Julianne Nevin, Ray Kennedy
Runners up - Misfits
Disc Bowls

Winners - Wagga Wanderers Team 1
Frank Sainsbury, Sue Sainsbury, Bill Robinson
Runners up - Bidgee Bandits 2
Jim Marshall, Tony Ashton, Mary Skidmore

Ladder Golf
Winners - T-Shirts
Richard Hay, Miep Allard,Andrew Bray
Runners up - Ringers
Lyn McLaughlin, Barrie Paulo, Mick McLaughlin
Stoning the Crows

Male - Peter Chessell - Runner up - Bill Daglish

Ladies - Linda Schnitzerling - Runner up - Lorraine Waddington

Overall gReyVee Award Winner for 2014 - Mary Moody





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