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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - September 3, 2017

6 o'clock madness!

1 Name the Fremantle pub that celebrates our convict heritage? 
  Ball and Chain
2 Name the Melbourne pub that's named after the original owners but is famous for a non-family member - we need all 3 names.
  Young and Jacksons - Chloe
3 Name the Sydney pub whose nickname is an Aussie insult to 3 national symbols?
  Three Weeds

The start of 6 o'clock closing. Monday 14 February 1916 the recruits at Casula camp were told that their weekly training would be increased from thirty-six to forty and a half hours. They decided to strike, by late morning about 3,000 men marched into Liverpool and swarmed into the local hotels demanding free beer and spirits. The stocks of several hotels and other local businesses were ransacked. The local police were powerless to stop the riot.

At 10 am the mob started to invade Liverpool Station and commandeered trains to Sydney. An hour later the first train reached Central and disgorged a load of several hundred half-drunk soldiers who formed up as if on parade. They began to march up George Street, behind a Union Jack and a placard protesting about the increased training load.

Hardly surprisingly, discipline broke down and recruits raided street fruit stalls and commandeered passing vehicles. Late in the evening, a still angry mob at the station threw missiles at the police and the military pickets. In the chaos, shots rang out and Ernest William Keefe, a 20-year-old trainee in the Light Horse, was killed, while seven in the crowd, including a civilian, were wounded. This incident had a sobering effect on the mob; some surrendered reasonably quietly to the police and many returned to their camp to recover from the excitement of the day and to sleep off their alcoholic excess.


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