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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - September 17, 2017

The FOOTY Finals and some History of four codes

With AFL and League into FINALS FEVER  and Socceroos tackling Syria for a place in World Cup and Wallabies about to play Springboks - lets look at some of the odder history of all FOOTBALL CODES IN AUSTRALIA!
People THINK codes are strictly related to various states or backgrounds BUT the truth is more complicated - and still changing.

1 The first Victorian to play for the Wallabies was much better known for something else - who was he?
  Weary Dunlop
2 Name the legendary player goalkicker and CEO of a Melbourne AFL Club who was born and raised in Queensland?
  Jason Dunstall
3 Name the ENGLISH BORN goalkeeper who played for AUSTRALIA  against ENGLAND  and let in 30 goals on 2 games??
  Norman Conquest

• Australian footballer   PAT O'DEA  is in what HALL OF FAME for WHAT CODE ?? (American College Football)
• What did the INVENTOR of AFL football survive in 1861? (Cullin La Ringo massacre)

 • In spite of what we think - football codes in Australia have had varied popularity in other areas and sections of society. The four codes have changed a LOT in acceptance and popularity.

AFL - began in Melbourne was popular in Sydney and especially in South east Queensland.

Rugby - played in all states but big in New South Wales and Queensland - private schools.

League - New South Wales and Queensland and North of England. mostly working class

Soccer - was regarded as 'sissy' or for migrants.

Women now play all codes especially soccer and AFL.

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