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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - October 1, 2017

Female Authors of Aussie Classic Kid’s Books  PART 2

Ethel Turner born Yorkshire England 1870 died Mosman 1958

Born in England in 1870, Ethel Turner came to Australia with her mother and sisters when she was 10 years old. She showed a great love of literature while at school and in her late teens launched a literary and social magazine in Sydney with her sister Lilian. Seven Little Australians. has sold over 2 million copies in the English language and has been reprinted over 50 times. It has been translated into at least 11 languages, performed as a stage play, and been made into a film, a BBC television series in 1953, and a 10-episode television series for the ABC in 1973. Ethel Turner went on to write over 40 books in her lifetime, including children's stories, short stories and poems, Ethel Turner died in 1958, leaving as her memorial a book that is now regarded as a classic in children's literature.(born 17 January 1877, died on 27 November 1969).

She married barrister Herbert Curlewis, who became a judge of the Industrial Arbitration Court in 1917, he became District Court judge on 1 July 1928. She wrote 34 volumes of fiction, three of verse, a travel book, plays, some miscellaneous verse and prose testify to her talent, and her discipline. Before World War I she had planned to start a children's newspaper; in 1920 she suggested the idea to the editor of the Sydney Sun; when it fell through, she edited (1921-31) 'Sunbeams', the children's page in the Sunday Sun. Ethel was an excellent manager of her financial and literary affairs; she gave time and money to various charities, and was a generous friend to less affluent writers. One was Henry Lawson with whom she shared the affliction of deafness. Her sister Lillian was also a successful writer as was her daughter Jean who died of TB aged 32 in 1930.

May Gibbs born Kent England died Nutcote 1969

Artist and author,. She was about four when she arrived in Western Australia with her parents in 1879. She was educated at the Church of England Grammar School, Perth, and later studied at art and technical schools in England.

The Gumnut Babies, her first book about Australian bush fairies, was published in 1916 in Sydney. Apart from the famous Snugglepot and Cuddlepie (1918), her publications include Flower Babies, Wattleblossom Babies, and other Gumnut fairytale books. Her "Bib and Bub" comic strip series ran for years in Sydney newspapers.

A retiring personality who shunned publicity, May Gibbs, through her books, aimed to engender in children her own love of nature. She was appointed MBE for her services to Australian literature, and the Commonwealth Literary Fund awarded her a pension. She married B. J. Ossoli Kelly. Childless, she willed her house and contents to be auctioned for the benefit of UNICEF.


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