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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - May 7, 2017

Iconic Aussie Magazines and cartoonists

Many Australian cartoonist were in demand around the world. Let's remember a few of them we grew up with.

The two ICONIC Aussie magazines were the BULLETIN 1880 - 2008)
And AUSTRALASIAN POST  (1864 - 2002) - know as 'AUSSIE POST'
NATION REVIEW (1970 - 1981)


1 What was odd about the bottom edge of Emile Mercier's cartoons?
  The floor was on springs and toes always hung over the edge
2 What were Eric Joliffe's two ICONIC cartoons?
  Saltbush Bill / Witchetty's tribe
3 Which quirky cartoonist who began his career in the Nation Review?


Aussie Post - a brief history - copied Bells Life of London - began in Melbourne 1856 - changed name 1864. went through many changes in style. Paul and Jim both regular contributors.

Bulletin - 'The Bushaman's Bible' was started by Archibald and Haynes 1880 - struggled but eventually became the most important magazine in Australian history. Was anti British, racist, and started the careers of almost ALL Aussie's best known writers and cartoonist. Changed in 1920s and again in 60.when bought by Packer.

Nation Review - a bolshy ground breaking magazine/paper of 1970s Whitlam era - Bob Ellis, John Hepworth  Cook, Leunig etc.

The cartoonist mentioned today were NOT comic strip cartoonists - they drew MOSTLY one off pictures with a  caption.

Things Just Seem to Fall Apart

"Things just seem to fall apart,
String bags full of oranges
And things within the heart;

Calamities evaporate and memories depart.
People laugh at anything
And things just fall apart."


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