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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - May 28, 2017

The simple pleasures of the piers

Recreation was simpler in days gone by - building walkways onto the sea provided free simple enjoyment - and there was always something to spend your money on at the end!

1 It was called AUSTRAL,  PARERS and KIRBY'S and was built twice exactly the same. What is it?
  Saint Kilda Pier Pavilion
2  It was restored and reopened in 2016 and in the old days the Humpybong Ferry Company took you there. What is it?
  Shorncliff Pier Brisbane
3 We lost it (along with the cargo ship SYGNA) in a storm in 1974. What was it? and what did it connect?
  Manly Pier and Pool - the wharf and the aquarium

Australians LOVE the beach and the sea and those lovely old piers still exist  in most cities  Glenelg, Grange, and Henley in Adelaide - Woody point and Shorncliffe in Brisbane   and some lovely fishing spots in Sydney Harbour.

There were many amusement piers around Sydney that have long disappeared. Coogee, Bondi, Wonderland at Tamarama. They were based on the famous British piers like Brighton and Blackpool.

There was an open air DANCE PAVILION next to Shorncliff Pier  - dances cost 3 pence each or 5 for a shilling!

There were piers and ferry services in Botany Bay   ...   and Port Phillip Ferry services runs commuter ferries from Dockland to Portarlington.

The Humpybong Ferry Company ran small ferries named after semi precious gems. The Pearl capsized in the Brisbane River in 1896 - about 20 died


Coogee Bay
Tip Kelaher

The smell of salt on a fresh sea breeze,
Day dies and the light grows dim,
While up on the point the tall pine trees
Are sighing their evening hymn.

The lights glow out on the concrete street
Where the shop fronts face the sea,
But where a boy and his young love meet
The night is cool and free.

Your eyes are shining, my love, my love,
With the old, old haunting light –
I’d give my chance of Heaven above
To hold you again tonight,

With the scattered clouds and the moon above,
The sand, and the wind-blown spray.
Why do I think of you now, old love,
Long buried and far away?


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