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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - May 21, 2017

Iconic Aussie Magazines part 2

We didn't have time to finish our talk about the great era of magazines -
Two ICONIC Aussie magazines were the BULLETIN 1880 - 2008)
And AUSTRALASIAN POST  (1864 - 2002) - know as 'AUSSIE POST'
OTHERS - Women's Weekly. Smiths Weekly, Lone Hand, People, Pix etc etc 

1 What was the accusation made by Smith's weekly about Kingsford Smith that lead to a royal commission?
  That he faked a crash landing for publicity - the coffee royal affair
2 Name the man regarded as the funniest columnist ever in Australia who wrote for Women's Weekly and Smith's Weekly?
  Lennie Lower
3 Name the famous patriotic poem  by Mary Gilmore that appeared in the woman's weekly is a special feature in 1940.
  No foe shall gather our harvest

In a lifetime General interest magazines virtually disappeared. The only magazines which sell these days are specific interest magazines - motoring, Computers, guitars, motorbikes, various sports and celebrity gossip.

Magazines which contained a mixture of short stories, feature articles, comics and cartoons, poetry and Australiana - are a thing of a past era.

Aussie Post - a brief history - copied Bells Life of London - began in Melbourne 1856 - changed name 1864. went through many changes in style. Paul and Jim both regular contributors.

Bulletin - 'The Bushaman's Bible' was started by Archibald and Haynes 1880 - struggled but eventually became the most important magazine in Australian history. Was anti British, racist, and started the careers of almost ALL Aussie's best known writers and cartoonist. Changed in 1920s and again in 60.


No Foe Shall Gather Our Harvest
Mary Gilmore


Sons of the mountains of Scotland, clansmen from correl and kyle,
Breed of the moors of England, children of Erin’s green isle.
We stand four-square to the tempest whatever the battering hail,
No foe shall gather our harvest or sit on our stockyard rail.

Our women shall walk in honour, our children shall know no chain,
This land that is ours forever the invader shall strike at in vain.
Anzac! Bapaume! and the Marne!* Could ever the old blood fail?
No foe shall gather our harvest or sit on our stockyard rail.

So hail-fellow-met we muster and hail-fellow-met fall in,
Wherever the guns may thunder or the rocketing ‘air mail’ spin!
Born of the soil and the whirlwind – though death itself be the gale,
No foe shall gather our harvest or sit on our stockyard rail.

We are the sons of Australia, of the men who fashioned the land,
We are the sons of the women who walked with them, hand in hand;
And we swear by the dead who bore us, by the heroes who blazed the trail,
No foe shall gather our harvest or sit on our stockyard rail.

* After World War II, this line was often altered to: Anzac! Kokoda! Tobruk


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