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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - March 19, 2017


The Aussie pie is ICONIC  - 0ne person in 8 eats a pie at the footy - but traditions differ. Balfours, Vili's, Scotts, Sargents, Garlo's, 4 and 20, Yatala, Beefy's, Uncle Bob's. In Brisbane they used to have pie trucks with pie and peas. In Adelaide it's pie floaters and pasties. Pie stalls were popular in all cities!

1 Where did the famous, and probably FIRST, Aussie pie shop at Yatala Q go in 1893, 1947, 1974 and 1992?
  Down the Albert River
2 What is unique about the huge 'Four-n-Twenty' pie sign at the Melbourne Showground?
  It's Heritage listed.
3 As well as the common old pie Sydney company Sargents were famous for and something far more sophisticated - what?
  Team rooms and restaurants

The famous Yatala Pie Shop was spotted floating away down the Albert River in the great floods of 1893, 1947, 1974 and 1992. The first act of pie-selling at Yatala materialised as far back as 1863 where an old photo captures an inn or halfway house displaying the sign Always Yatala? Some time before or after Yatala was proclaimed a township in 1873, its pubs and its churches and its racecourse and its prison and its arrowroot fields became blessed with its pies!

Australia’s largest pie maker, Four n’ Twenty,  started Bendigo in 1947 when Les McClure started making his mutton pies. Local woman Joyce Griffin coined the name f “Originally it was called the Dad and Dave pie and we were selling a lot around Bendigo,” she said. “One day we were talking and Les said, ‘what do you think of when you think of these pies?’ and I said, ‘four and twenty blackbirds’.”

In 1948 production was moved to the Melbourne Showgrounds in 1948 - High in the sky over the showgrounds is a giant Four n’ Twenty pie - constructed in 1977 and then heritage listed in 1999. Production moved to a purpose built factory in Ascot Vale in 1953 - unable meet demand floorspace was doubled in 1955, and in 1956 a machine was built which produced 1000 dozen pies an hour. In 50 years the company’s pie making grew from 50 per day to more than 50,000 pies per hour — the biggest in the world. Peters bought the company in 1960.

George Sargent was born in, England; in 1858 and trained as a baker, migrated to Sydney and met a single mum, Charlotte Foster from Woolloomooloo, married in 1883 and ran a small bakery in Glebe, l a win in the Tattersall's sweep gave them enough money to buy a bakery in Darlinghurst and by 1990 they were baking 700 loaves of bread a day. When George's illness forced to sell, so Charlotte opened shop in Oxford Street, Paddington making small meat pies, which sold for a penny. They sold out toured the world and returned to establish Sargents  & Co.

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The Olympians           
Wilbur G Howcroft

In Lady Lamphrey’s stately home,
Where blowflies never zoom,
And silent-footed servants slink
Submissive round the room –

In Lady Lamphrey’s drawing room,
Mid chandeliers and brass,
The ‘polished ones’ pontificate
Upon the working class.

In Lady Lamphrey’s mansion where
No debtors ever call
And busts from ancient cultures stand
Heraldic in the hall –

At Lady Lamphrey’s ‘afternoons’
The beau monde sip their tea
And denigrate the doings of
The bumbling bourgeoisie.

At Lady Lamphrey’s dinners there
Is courtliness and grace
Where no one ever belches or
Has egg upon his face –

In Lady Lamphrey’s dining room
They nibble through each course
And, poor fools, they miss the rapture of
A good old pie and sauce!


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