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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - March 12, 2017



1 Why did Melbourne never have OPEN TRAMS
2 What odd extra service did Brisbane trams provide?
3 What palindrome could u visit by tram in Adelaide?

The Sydney tramway network 1879 until 1961. was the second largest in Commonwealth after London . On average, each day one conductor fell or was hit by car • Between 1916 to 1932, there were 4,097 accidents to tram employees, and from 1923 to 1931 there were 10,228 accidents to passengers having falls when alighting or boarding. • It was not until the 1930s that saloon trams came to Sydney. Even so, footboard trams continued in wide use until the late 1950s, despite calls as early as 1934 by the tram union for them to be modified.

Melbourne is the ONLY city in Australia that never PHASED OUT trams ..... the free tram loop around the city is a FANTASTIC way to see Melbourne. Chloe...Art Gallerias ...theatres the Windsor the historical building and Botanic Garden COOK'S COTTAGE. Trams have operated continuously in Melbourne since 1884, with the opening of a horse tram. Had a total of 203.8 million passenger

Brisbane - All tramcars before 1938 had an open design. the trams were used as fundraisers and often chartered right up until the last service by social groups. on the short Gardens line (Lower Edward Street) passengers simply dropped their fare into a fare box as they entered the tram. These were ONE MAN cars. In 1944–45 when almost 160 million passengers were carried. The system route length reached its maximum extent of 199 kilometres tracks were laid in concrete, a method pioneered in Brisbane. By 1948 Brisbane's trams failed to return a profit as they could not compete with the more efficient bus services. Brisbane trams carried mail between the Brisbane GPO and suburban post office branches, and also acted as mobile post boxes

ADELAIDE the suburban tram system was used largely for FAMILY RECREATION. By 1945 there were 95 million trips annually — 295 trips per head of population. By the 1950s, the tram network was losing money and being replaced by an electric and petrol-driven buses. The Glenelg tram kept running. and in 2007 was extended to Adelaide Railway Station and the to the Entertainment centre.


W T Goodge (‘The Colonel’)

He’s the latest evolution of a prehistoric type —
The man who always runs to catch the tram!
He’s never got the time to light his after-breakfast pipe —
The man who has to run to catch the tram!

He is all a ball of energy and vigour; couldn’t wait!
It is worse to be too early than it is to be too late!
He’ll be rushing up the garden path when Peter slams the gate
The man that has to run to catch the tram!

You can take him in his business; I’ll bet you ten to one
The man who has to run to catch the tram!
That he’s always in a hurry, and there’s mighty little done —
The same as when he’s running for the tram!

Doesn’t matter if a lawyer at the starting of the term,
Or the ‘I’ll-be-there-directly!’ of a tea and sugar firm —
It is still to-day the early bird that gathers in the worm;
Not the one who has to run to catch the tram!


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