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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - January 8, 2017


Jim is at the ILLAWARRA FOLK FESTIVAL this THURSDAY TO SUNDAY -  At the Bulli Showground. The festival program is 7 pages long - the featured instrument is the Banjo and special guest Tim O'Brien. On Friday at 5.30 Grandstand Bar Jim and friends are doing a concert on BEER! www.illawarrafolkfestival.com.au

First some questions.....1

1 In parts of Europe in the 1600s, why did EVERYONE drink beer? What was it called?
  Water was polluted - 'small beer'
2 What was Castlemaine XXXX originally called?
3 What was the now illegal form of selling beer in Darwin?
  Darwin Stubbie - held 2 pints

•        Captain Cook fermented ‘ale’ from whatever local fruit and plants he could find plus molasses ....  to prevent scurvy... it worked but evidently tasted VILE!
•        Australia’s first brewer was ... JOHN BOSTON free settler 1794   brewery was where Botanic Gardens are today  .... opened 1795 ... beer was “brewed from Indian corn with leaves and stalks of the ‘Love Apple” or Cape Gooseberry! “ (anyone know what a ‘Cape Gooseberry’ is ??? I don’t!!)
•        Australia’s first hops grown by First Fleeter James Squire ....
•        Oldest brewery in Australia? (Cascade Hobart est by Peter Degraves 1831 (would have been earlier but he was goaled 1824 - 1830 for bankruptcy.)
•        American Foster Brothers arrived in Melbourne in 1887 with ...REFRIGERATION equipment .. and 1888 the first ever FOSTERS LAGER was brewed!
•        CUB formed in 1908 when Carlton, McCracken’s City, Castlemaine, Shamrock and Fosters combined in Melbourne...  famous ad was old bushie at bar saying “I ALLUS HAS WAN AT ELEVEN” .. but the full verse was ....
         I allus has wan at eleven
         It’s a duty that has to be done
         If I don’t have wan at eleven
         I must have eleven at wan!!   
•        Castlemaine founded by the two Irish Fitzgerald brothers ... were at Castlemaine Vic and ended up in Brisbane in 1877 set up brewery and named it after town they came from. From 1878 they brewed XXX Castlemaine Ale that became XXXX in 1916
•        Chuck Hahn  ... another  American via NZ   started Hahn as boutique Beer ... bought out by Lion Nathan ... then started James Squire Ales ....  Lion Nathan own Tooheys  ...
•        Tooheys was STAG in 1930s and also they had patriotic FLAG .....  and there was Millers and Reschs of course ... and many LOCAL breweries ....



The Beer Prayer and Hymn

The Beer Prayer
Our lager
Which art in barrels
Hallowed be thy foam
Thy will be drunk
Thy pints be sunk
At home as it is in tavern.
Give us this day thy foamy head
And forgive us our spillages
As we forgive those who spill thee against us
And lead us not to incarceration
But deliver us from hangovers
For thine is the sin done, the headache, the guilt trip,
For ever and ever....
… barmen

The Drinkers’ Hymn
Bless this pub oh Lord we pray,
Keep it open night and day.
Bless the lager and the stout,
Bless the man who serves it out.

Bless the staff of either sex,
Keep them safe from bouncing cheques.
Keep the beer cold when it’s hot,
Whether on the slate or not.

Keep the regulars drinking hard,
Reinstate them when they’re barred,
And keep them safe, and in thy sight,
When they go staggering home each night.

Bless this pub oh Lord we pray,
Keep it open night and day.


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