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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - January 22, 2017

Sydney Goes To the Flicks

Jim is off to Tamworth for LAST EVER Morning Variety Shows and to launch his TWO new CDs. He will not miss ONE George and Paul Show !

Aussies are OBSESSIVE cinema goers. Before World War 1 an estimated one in 8 Aussies spent Saturday night at the cinema! The first entrepreneurs were Englishmen Spencer Cozens and T J West and American JD Williams. We developed a totally DIFFERENT cinema culture to USA where nickle odeons were cheap and continuous. Here going to the 'pictures' was an event.

1 First moving film ever shown in Australia was in 1896. What did it show?
  The Melbourne Cup
2 In 1922 The Globe Theatre broke all records and rewrote movie-going history with what film?(The Sheik). The Prince Edward opened in 1924 and broke the record with a movie that ran for 36 weeks! What was it?
  Cecil B De Mille's - Ten Commandments
3 Name the Top 2 grossing films of the 20th Century in Australia? Hint one is from Hollywood - one is Australian!
  Titanic and Crocodile Dundee

• We were the biggest importer of Hollywood movies in the world.
• Australia helped 'invent' the outdoor action movie and narrative movie.
• The mania for popular films was almost unbelievable!
• People believed movie going changed personalities influenced the behaviour of children, women and men - especially sexually!
Before Hays code censorship there were many movies about social morality.


Kay Grant


It’s film night some place in New Guinea—
Grab a box, make a dash for the truck.
Take your raincoat as well, for it’s raining like hell -
But it’s worth it to see Donald Duck.

There’s a chance you won’t get to the Unit—
Wheels slip in the mud as you grope,
Diggers, doughboys, marines—all packed like sardines—
But it’s worth it to see that Bob Hope.

You buck down the track like a bronco,
You’re lost—and you start to meander.
You’re sweating and wet—there’s miles to go yet—
But it’s worth it for Carmen Miranda.

You’re there! Fifty thousand before you!
Squeeze your box on the last vacant Inch,
Get as close as you’re able—yes, it is Betty Grable!
It’s worth it to see just one clinch.

You just start to pick up the story,
Then it stops—it’s the end of the reel.
You whistle and shout, but you’re not checking out—
It’s worth waiting for her sex appeal.

The rain’s coming down in a deluge,
You’re soaked—your behind’s getting sore—
You sweat like a pig, but you don’t give a fig -
It’s worth it to see Dot Lamour!


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