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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - February 5, 2017

The Aussie Tradition of Telling Stories -
Aussie Yarns and Tall Stories

Do you still tell stories? Bedtime stories? Yarns in the pub or round the campfire? The oral tradition of stories and yarns is dying out and Australia's best living bush poet and one of our best storytellers died aged 89 on Friday - Col Wilson known as 'Blue The Shearer'. This Easter at Stone The Crows we have introduced 'bedtime stories'.

1 What was Frank Hardy's 'yarn spinning' character who featured in 'fillers' on ABC TV in the B&W TV days??
  Billy Borker
2 Crooked Mick was a character in stories of a legendary sheep station in the outback. What was it called?
  The Speewah
3 When an Aussie says the room was 'full of dead fairies' what does it refer to?
  Every time you tell a lie, a little fairy has to die!

• Did your parents or someone make up bedtime stories?
• Who read to you at bedtime?
• Was there a good yarn spinner or story teller in your family?
• Did you ever tell ghost stories with a torch?

Today everything is 'passive' kids share things on on Youtube and don't create.

We have introduced BEDTIME STORIES at Stone The Crows this Easter. You can come in your 'jamas or those clothes you have worn all day, we don't  mind. Our two story tellers are Jim Haynes and Jackie Kerin - a professional story teller.

Jackie or Jim will be in the club house after the evening show to tell or read stories and Jackie and violinist Sara Depasquale will both be giving several performances, talks and workshops over the duration of their stay. Teaching you how to tell stories to your grandkids.
Brief tribute to 'Blue The Shearer' and a few samples of his work.

Check out Stone the Crows Festival - held at Wagga Wagga - Every Easter

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