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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - August 6, 2017

Games Aussie kids 'USED TO PLAY!" PART3

(Hello to the Talking Lifestyle listeners who joined Jim and Coast Centre group for an 'art history' trip to Many last Wednesday.)

Last week we talked about VIGORO and discovered that it's still played and there is an Australian Championship - and also an Australian MARBLES Championship at Brunswick Heads every June long weekend!

Today I want to think back to SCHOOLYARD games we played when there was strict 'gender discrimination'. Do kids today still play .... SKIPPING games with various Rhymes that accompanied the activity? 

1 On Easter Saturday 1947 - Vigoro playing ladies at Randwick Races were possibly very happy - why?
  Vigoro won the St Leger Stakes
2 What different dance moves did Charlie Chaplin teach the 'Ladies' in France??
  Rumba, kicks, highland fling and splits
3 In the group children's game of the same name - what character was constantly asked what time it was?
  Mr Wolf

Skipping games listeners MIGHT remember -  'high/low/dolly/pepper' 'Unders and Overs' Does anyone remember the game where the rope went BOTH directions at ONCE? How about "sat/pepper/vinegar/mustard" ? or "Charlie Chaplin went to France"

Who remembers the rules of ... FLY?  LASTICS? HOPSCOTCH?

When was the last time u saw a HOPSCOTH game drawn on pavement?

Who remembers the Headmaster banning lunchtime games like 'Cocky Laura', 'British Bulldog' and 'Red Rover Cross Over'? 

After the show last week BARBARA emailed :
"I was very interested listening to your discussion regarding Vigoro, such an old sport and surprised to learn they are still playing this game.  I have a very, very old, not in good condition, cutting from the newspaper regarding my Mother's achievement in vigoro.  Cannot find date of cutting but would have been before 1936 as it refers to her maiden name.  Article  "Holly Hook hits", the outstanding player in yesterday's Vigoro matches was Holly Hook from Arncliffe.  Tackling the bowling from all angles, she knocked up 126 not out.  This broke a batting record of several years' standing, made by E. Moore of the Australian Paper Mills team, who was given out when she too had scored 126 runs."

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