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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - August 20, 2017

The artists camp & The Zoo!

The first exhibits to be built were the seal ponds, elephant temple, monkey pits, top entrance, aviaries, paths and roadways and the refreshment rooms. In all, 228 mammals, 552 birds and 64 reptiles were moved from Moore Park to Taronga. Many, including the elephants, crossed the harbour on board a flat top barge.

Taronga Zoo was officially opened on October 7th, 1916.

1 What common term for someone 'pushy' with 'more front than Myers' came from an animal at Taronga Zoo?
  more hide than JESSIE THE ELEPHANT!
2 Which 3 artists had the camp at Sirius Cove?
  Roberts Streeton and McCubbin
3 Which artist had a camp at Balmoral and taught most Sydney artists to paint?
  Julian Ashton

•There were probably a number of unofficial zoos in the colony in the early years and various Governors had wallabies etc in their ‘backyard’, The Domain and there was a zoo

•Sir Joseph Banks Park at Botany the site of the first real zoo in Australia. the site of Sir Joseph Banks Inn in the 1840's and further extended about 1884.  The hotel grounds hosted over 5,000 visitors on Boxing Day in 1852 and it was the favourite recreational site for Sydneysiders during that period. The zoo had a Bengal Tiger, Camel, Elephant, Gorilla and more and was run by the hotel owners. Rumour has it that the owner’s widow poisoned the animals after he died. Was. The 33 hectare Park is a secret gem of Botany.  It is where they run the ‘Bay Gift’ and has large bronze statues of the animals.

•Sydney’s first OFFICIAL Zoo Moore Park 1884 to 1916
The first public zoo in NSW officially opened in Sydney in 1884 on a site known as Billy Goat Swamp in Moore Park, operated by the Zoological Society of NSW, which was founded in March 1879. Was given to Sydney High School and Sydney Girls School in 18884, the schools are still there.

•In 1921 the zoo moved to Taronga at Mosman, which was all bushland then. The animals were transported over on barges, including Jessie the elephant. Taronga was progressive for its time and was revived under Sir Edward Hallstrom in the 1950s.

• Edward Hallstrom born Coonamble 1886 died 1970   Engineer naturalist and philanthropist made fortune with ‘Silent Knight’ kerosene ‘fridge.

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