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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - April 2, 2017


Some people seem to be multi talented and we often only remember ONE aspect of their talent. People like Charles O'Connor in WA, Harold Clapp in Victoria etc

1 Name a really famous Australian artist who was also a very successful author?
  Norman Lindsay - artist cartoonist author and children's author
2 Prof George Julius who established and led the CSIRO is remembered for something else - used worldwide - what is it?
  The totalisator automated betting
3 The man who gave us the most important magazine in our history and established Australian Literature as we know it is best remembered for something that happens every year in another field? What is it and Who was he?

• Norman Lindsay was our most famous 'traditional' artist, drew cartoons for 60 years - influenced major poets and wrote banned novels and children's CLASSIC The Magic Pudding!

•George Julius was son of Archbishop of NZ designed railways and studied timber production in WA. Was head of CSIRO and beat prickly pear? And in meantime INVENTED the 'tote'!

• J F Archibald created THE BULLETIN, started the careers of MOST famous Australian writers and gave us the Archibald prize!

• Harold Clapp built Victoria's railways with attention to customer service and innovations such as more powerful locomotives, air-conditioned carriages, and faster services culminating in the introduction of Spirit of Progress. He also designed New York subway!

• Charles O'Connor built Kalgoorlie pipeline - and FREMANTLE HARBOUR!

• Charles Kingsford Smith and Christina McPherson both had amazing brushes with fame as children. Smithy was 1st person ever rescued by a surf life saving reel and Christina McPherson, who wrote Waltzing Matilda with Banjo Paterson, was the infant whose crying caused ‘Mad Dan’ Morgan to allow Alice Keenan to leave the room during the siege of Peechelba Station in 1865, and eventually bring his life and career to a bloody and gruesome end.


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