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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - September 25, 2016


The harbour is forever changing. Jim was out on the harbour yesterday and would like to bring you all up to date (since 1788!)

Francis Morgan was hanged on Pinchgut in 1796 for murdering a man on Nth Shore. Asked did he have any last words, he said death was a morbid subject and he had no desire to confess his sins…  “The only thing worth mentioning is the superb view of the harbour I have from up here. I am sure there are no waters in the world that compare to it for beauty.”

1 What is the Historic connection between Bennelong Point and Barangaroo reserve?
  Bennelong was Barangaroo's husband
2 What did you need to have to visit Garden Island before 1944?
  A Boat
3 Why is Cockatoo Island sometimes called 'Biloela' Island?
  It's aboriginal for cockatoo

•The Opera House is built on Bennelong Point, the east bank of Sydney Cove. Bennelong lived there after being 'captured' by Governor Phillip in 1789 and taken to UK in 1792. His two wives were Barangaroo and Gooroobarroboollo who rejected him after his return. He was killed in a tribal fight in 1813 and buried on James Squires land at Kissing Point.

• The first known concert on Bennelong Point was held in March 1791 when Bennelong, after whom the promontory was named, provided an evening of entertainment for the Governor and his party.•The site was occupied by Fort Macquarie which was designed by Francis Greenway in 1817. •Later it was the site of the Bennelong Point Tram Depot which was demolished to make way for the Opera House.

When Governor Phillip took Bennelong to live with him, Bennelong's missus wasn't too happy:
"Not seeing Barangaroo of the party, I asked for her, and was informed that she had violently opposed Bennelong's departure. When she found persuasion vain, she had recourse to tears, scolding, and threats, stamping the ground, and tearing her hair. But Baneelon (BENNELONG) continuing determined, she snatched up in her rage one of his fish-gigs, and dashed it with such fury on the rocks, that it broke. To quiet her apprehensions on the score of her husband's safety, Mr Johnson, attended by Abaroo, agreed to remain as a hostage until [Bennelong] should return". WATKIN TENCH


John Williamson


In the finest harbour in the world in a cove they're calling 'Sydney'
Captain Governor Phillip trimmed the sails
With shelter from the winds and the big Pacific Ocean
We landed in NEW SOUTH WALES

And you should see the parrots, they're coloured in like rainbows
There's wallabies and screaching cockatoos,
And bird that won't stop laughing, when he sees me getting a flogging.
He wouldn't be laughing if he was in my shoes.

And the natives are all friendly, even though a bit suspicious
Of anyone with a red coat or a gun.
If I could learn their lingo and listen to the dreamtime
The bush and me and the animals we'd be one.

Me convict mates all hate the place and long for Mother England,
But what in the hell has she got, I declare?
The chimneys all are smoking, they're smelly and they're choking
And the Dukes own every bunny rabbit there.

You beat your drum, you drink your rum, you threaten me with hanging.
That's difficult with a chain around me ankle,
But, given half a chance I'd break, and disappear in the grey gums
And learn to live like a native in this land.


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