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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - September 18, 2016


*Special Guest AMBER LAWRENCE will sing 'THE LUCKY ONE' from her latest album to be launched September 30th!

* This week is NORMAN LINDSAY week at the Coast Centre for Seniors!!

The phrase "THE LUCKY COUNTRY" has been used to describe our weather, our lifestyle and our good fortune, from gold and mineral booms to our geographic isolation from the world's trouble spots.

In 1964 "Donald Horne wrote 'Australia is a lucky country, run by second-rate people who share its luck. If we are to remain a prosperous, liberal, humane society, we must understand the distinctiveness of our own society'.

1 We may be the world's largest Island or smallest continent but there is something unique to the planet about our land-mass in relation to our nationality. What is it?
  The only continent on Earth that is also ONE NATION
2 In another famous phrase relating to our culture, what did Donald Horne say God was?
  An Englishman
3 As it's "NORMAN LIDSAY WEEK" at the Coast Centre - who can find a link between DONALD HORNE and NORMAL LINDSAY?
  Both worked for the Bulletin - Norman as cartoonist Donald Horne as Editor

I had in mind in particular the lack of innovation in Australian manufacturing and some other forms of Australian business, banking for example. Australia showed less enterprise than almost any other prosperous industrial society.
Australia, Horne argued, developed by reaping the benefits of technological, economic, social and political innovations that were developed in other countries. Those countries were clever: Australia was simply lucky.

'The lucky country' was intended as a phrase condemning Australia for what it was, whereas 'the clever country' is a phrase suggesting what might become.

Amber Lawrence has her OWN VIEW on what makes us Aussies lucky.

I Wish
Grahame Watt

I wish that I was wealthy, I wish that I could fly
Away to far-off places, to mountain tops so high.
I wish, I wish, that I could go where life is ever free,
Where everyone can build a home and raise a family.
I wish that I could travel to places that I know,
No border guards, no curfew, free to come and go.
I wish that I could live in peace forever and a day,
Where I’m allowed to speak my thoughts, stand and have my say.
I wish for richness in my life, the right to kneel in prayer,
I wish that I could always live without a fear or care.
Where is this land in all the world, this dream I hold so dear?
I tell you friend it’s not so far, it’s where we are – right here.


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