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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - September 11, 2016

The AMAZING Norman Lindsay 

The most gifted and diverse artistic and literary genius in Australia's history - Norman Lindsay - is the subject of a week-long celebration at the Coast Centre!

1 How did Norman Lindsay save the life of a condemned woman?
  Drew a cartoon
2 What is the link between Norman Lindsay and Dame Helen Mirren?  
  She played the female lead in the film of his novel 'Age of Consent'.
3 A renowned painter in oils and watercolour, etcher, cartoonist, illustrator, pen drawer, sculptor, novelist and journalist, poet and childrens' writer …what was Norman Lindsay’s HOBBY!
  He made model boats

Brief resume of Norman Lindsay’s life …
• Born 1879 died 1969 the era of The Bulletin
• He gave Australia a sense of aesthetic and ‘culture’
• At same time he was very ‘Australian’
• Major influence on artists and writers like Slessor, McCrae, Sydney Long etc
• shocked the wowsers and narrow minded and was a ‘workaholic’
• His sheer artistic output makes you tired to contemplate!

Norman Lindsay was a true 'master of art' - an illustrator, pen and ink artist, etcher,  water colourist, oil painter, author and much more.

Come along and celebrate to life and work of the man who gave us the most contentious drawings and paintings ever displayed in Australia. The man whose children's book 'The Magic Pudding' has never been out of print since 1911 and whose novels were banned in Australia and acclaimed overseas.

Learn the secrets of the art of etching and find out why Norman Lindsay was the best in the world at this incredibly difficult art form

Find out the difference between and engraving, an etching, a lithograph and a drawing.  Explore the life of Norman and his equally gifted brothers and sister, the truth about his private life and his struggle against the wowsers.


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