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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - October 23, 2016


Jim is in TAMWORTH on his way home from the INVERELL FESTIVAL where he performed several shows, spoke at a Rotary Gathering, judged INVERELL'S GOT TALENT and was the subject of a literary lunch.

We've talked about the RUM Hospital and RPA but there's always more fascinating stuff to learn about Sydney's early history!    

1 Where was Sydney's FIRST Hospital?
  127 George St west bank of Sydney Cove
2 Why did the sisters of Charity move St Vincents from Potts Point to Darlinghurst in 1870?
  To be near the prison
3 Why was The Coast Hospital built where it was?
  Isolation from rest of Sydney

The First Fleet brought 8 surgeons and 2 assistant surgeons - all male.
• Hospital was built by August 1788 on west side of Sydney Cove. “eighty-four feet by twenty-three... divided into a dispensary... a ward for the troops, and another for the convicts ... built of wood, and the roof to be covered in with shingles, fastened to the roof by pegs made by the female convicts’’.
• The 'portable' hospital; arrived with the Second Fleet and erected 1791.

•In 1816 convict patients transferred to the new hospital, built on a grand scale by contractors in return for a rum monopoly. It was so big it was never used as just a hospital. Parliament House is the north wing and the Mint is the south wing, The middle building was demolished and replaced in 1879.

• In 1838 - 5 Irish sister of Charity arrived - two had French medical training. They asked to help in any way they could at the Hospital but were sent to the Female Factory at Parramatta. They took 19 years to raise enough money to open St Vincent's Hospital at Potts Point in 1857 then Darlinghurst in 1870.|

• 1868 Prince Alfred was shot by Irishman Henry James O'Farrell. Funds raised as a memorial to his recovery helped establish the RPA Hospital.

1881 established to deal with epidemic of Smallpox. Little Bay was chosen because of it’s isolation from the population of the city. A horse ambulance was established but disbanded early in 1882 once the outbreak was over.1883 converted to a convalescent hospital for patients from other hospitals in Sydney. 1888 became a “fever hospital”, treating diseases such as diphtheria; tuberculosis; small pox; measles and scarlet fever. 1890 A lazaret opened for Leprosy patients who were isolated from rest of hospital.

**Jim is Giving a TALK on the History of Sydney's early hospitals at COAST CENTRE THIS Thursday at 2pm. Phone  9 to 5 Mon-Fri  9311 4886

The Red Cross Nurse   
Tom Skeyhill 1915

When you’re lying in your bed, with a buzzing in your head,
And there's a pain across your chest that’s far from nice,
She moves about the place, with a sweet angelic grace,
That makes you think the dingy ward is paradise.

She’s dressed in red and grey, and she doesn’t get much pay,
Yet she never seems to worry or complain.
She’s Australian through and through, with a heart that’s big and true,
When she’s near, the deepest wound forgets to pain.

There is something in her face, that can hold your tongue in place,
When you’d curse because your wounds refuse to heal.
But if once you get her cross, you will find out who's the boss,
Though she always seems to know just how you feel.

When you’re once again yourself, and they take you off the shelf,
And send you back to where the fighting's thick,
You’ll just grip her by the hand, with a look she’ll understand.
While you smile and curse your wound for healing quick.

Red Cross Nurse - she'll ease your pain and thirst
She'll tend you and pretend she doesn't hear you swear and curse.
She'll say you're getting better when you know you're getting worse
But you love her like a mother - Red Cross Nurse.


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