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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - November 6, 2016

Sydney Real Estate

  • Some History  .....   
  • Sydney’s first house (not Cadman’s Cottage)  was imported  ... it cost £125 and was a canvas and timber pre fabricated ... by June a 2 storeyed Government house was erected on corner Bridge & Phillip Streets with 4 officers huts 3.6x2.7 wattle and timber thatched roofs.
  • 1790s houses  ... 7.3x3.6 m stone footings whitewashed heddian ceilings timber frame grass reinforced mud and cow dung.
  • First bricks  1788 James Bloodsworth   ... where?? (Brickfield Hill... Liverpool /Goulburn/George)
  • First Church and school present day Hunter/Bligh Streets 1793 Rev Johnson burnt down 1798 by “wicked or disaffected person or persons”
  • Second Church on Church Hill (West District and Clarence Ridge) and 45 m clock tower ..fell down 1800) Governor Hunter (Ebenezer Church north of Windsor oldest 1807) Government House Parramatta 1800
  • Macquarie  the Builder .... 3 architects (Kitchen Greenway and Watts) first building regulations 
  • 1817 Government house Sydney + stables 1819 Hyde Park Barracks 1820-24 Saint James
  • 1819 Saint Johns Parramatta (Watts)
  • 1820s Pise most popular .... 1827 perpetual leases led to 2 storeys and terraces
  • 1827 Vaucluse House  1828 John Verge arrived (Elizabeth Bay house 1838 + many villas ... his partner John  Bibb terraces)
  • Mortimer Lewis 1835-1850 East Sydney Tech and courthouse Treasury building etc
  • 1837 Colonial style houses banned (timber verandahs shutters shingles)
  • 1840 transportation stopped real estate prices soared
  • 1845 cast Iron prod in Dawsons George Street foundry
  • 1847 first lecture on Architecture given in Melbourne by Redmond Barry ... classic style promoted
  • 1849 Edmund Blacket Sydney University Saint Marks Darling Point Bank of Australasia classical style
  • 1850 worlds first brick veneer  Swan hill   Peter Beveridge Tyntynder h ‘stead.
  • 1852 60,000 bricks per week Parramatta but 240,000 a week in Melbourne by Hoffman and Co. we still use German standard 9x4.5x3 (Vic leading state)

WHY don’t we all live in ‘Queenslanders’? why not verandahs instead of air conditioned boxes??? Balconies in units!!!    Open areas and patios?? (SA)


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