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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - November 27, 2016


Jim's new book is a collection of Aussie stories he has collected while doing other books - all true but hard to believe ! We have copies to give away.
The book has 4 sections - royal visits, aviation, war and general.

1 What happened on the Prince of Wales' tour in WA in 1920 that caused him to say, "At last, we have done something that isn't in the programme'?
  Train Wreck
2 Name the Aussie aviator given a state funeral by Mussolini?
3 What is odd about the 2 guns at Fort Nepean (barrel 1489 and 1317), Port Phillip Bay?
  They fired the first shots of BOTH World Wars.

Did you know that in 1932 the Australian army was called out to wage war on an invading army of 20,000...emus? Or that the first royal personage to arrive in Australia was the King of Iceland and he came as a convict? And how about the spooky phenomenon of the mischief-making Guyra Ghost?

From Jim Haynes, one of our most successful and prolific tellers of yarns and bush tales, comes this ultimate collection of unbelievable true Australian stories: the unknown, the forgotten, the surprising, the truly weird and the completely inexplicable.

Told with a refreshing understatement, Australia's Most Unbelievable True Stories vividly evokes a vanishing Australia when anything was possible, when characters were larger than life and the bizarre and strange were normal.

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