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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - November 13, 2016

AMERICAN IMMIGRANTS  - Do we want them? What Does History Tell us?

Australian and NZ migration information websites received massive hits from USA the day after the Presidential Election. NZ rose from 2300 per day to 56000, ours was similar and Canada's migration information website CRASHED! NZ applications to migrate from USA are up 100%.

1 What city in Australia had the most American visitors in history in a three-year period?
  Brisbane World War II over a million servicemen
2 Name two 'American' beers Aussies probably think are Aussie
  Hahn and Fosters
3 What great gift did Frederick August Peters give us Aussies?
  Ice Cream

Foster Brothers arrived in Melbourne in 1887 with ...REFRIGERATION equipment .. and 1888 the first ever FOSTERS LAGER was brewed.

 •  Freeman Cobb born 1830 born in Brewster, Massachusetts contracted rheumatic fever at 18, which left him lame. Cobb worked for Adams & Co coaching lines, established during the Californian gold rush. 1853, aged 23 an arrived in Melbourne to establish a branch of Adams & Co. Cobb had met some other Americans who worked for the famous Wells Fargo coach company on the voyage out to the young colony of Victoria, heard that gold had been discovered and instead of establishing a new branch of Adams & Co Coaching, Cobb and others formed Cobb & Co.

In May 1856, almost exactly three years after he arrived on Australian soil, Freeman Cobb announced that the business had been sold and he left for America.

Frederick Augustus Peters born in 1866 at Scio, Michigan, was a travelling salesman and had shares in a company, which exported bicycles and parts to Australia. When things went bad he visited Sydney in 1897 to try to save the business and married a Canadian nurse Daisy Edith Eliza Stephen.

After the business failed he returned to America where his father told him, 'Son, the place to find your money is where you lost it'. Back in Sydney he manufactured 'Peters' Pile Cure' His first Peters Ice Cream family bricks, made to his mother’s recipe, were sold from a horse and cart in Manly. He set up Peters' American Delicacy Co. in 1907. Moved to Redfern in 1923. In 1927 set up Peters' Arctic Delicacy Co. Ltd in Brisbane and Newcastle. In 1929 he established companies Victoria and WA and share floats created Australian records: applications exceeded shares available by fifteen times.

The slogan “The health food of a nation” lasted into the 1970s, when regulations about health claims forced a change to “Peters keep the good things coming”.  Fred encouraged staff to become shareholders. He married four times, in 1929 Mildred Matilda Mallard (d.1931), by whom he had two daughters. Then in 1931 Hilda Hogberg (d.1935) in 1931 then Theodora Dorothy Sunshine Pitkethly in 1936. He died at his Strathfield home on 14 May 1937, the estate was sworn for probate at £56,439.


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