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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - June 12, 2016

Floods and Storms in Australia

Looking at time lapse photos from 2007 Jim noticed the Collaroy situation was exactly the same 9yrs ago. The impact of floods storms and cyclones has not changed in 200 years,

The first FLOOD victim in the NSW colony died in March 1799 when the Hawkesbury flooded and In 1806 Hawkesbury flooding cost 5 lives. The Yarra flooded in 1839.

1 Which tragic flood which took 22 lives and 100 houses and was filmed by newsreels later provided footage for a classic Aussie film?  
  Maitland/Hunter Valley 1955 - the film was 'Newsfront' 1978
2 Name the town and river where a third of the population drowned in 1856
  The Murrumbidgee flooded Gundagai drowning 89 of the 250 people in the town
3 Clement Wragge, appointed Queensland Government Meteorologist in 1887, founded the Royal Meteorological Society of Australia. He introduced the idea of naming cyclones - why?
  To get people interested in weather and meteorology

Interesting facts …
• there were NO meteorologists until 1856 when NSW and SA appointed Government Astronomers who also recorded weather. Flood records were kept from 1860. First Commonwealth Meteorologist was appointed in 1907.
• In 1870 severe floods occurred in Queensland New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia
• Townsville was established in 1864 and Bowen in 1865. They were both completely destroyed by cyclones in 1867 and again in 1870. In 1876 a house in Bowen was picked up and moved several metres with the family still in bed. In 1884 every house in Bowen was unroofed by a cyclone. In 1958 every building in Bowen was damaged by a cyclone and again in 1959 Cyclone Connie caused major damage.
• In 1893  huge seas caused by a cyclone deposited 3 ships from Brisbane River into the Brisbane Botanic Gardens.
• Every building in Darwin was damaged by a cyclone in 1878 and again in 1882 and 1917 then came Tracy in 1974 Christmas Day. 50 died on land and 16 at sea.
• Cyclone Trixie was stronger that Tracy but hit unpopulated areas of WA


E S Emerson

There is music in the Mallee, lilting music, soft and low,
Like the songs in vale and valley where the summer waters flow;
But an anthem of elation, passing now from mouth to mouth,
Is the message from each station from the Mitchell River south.

For it’s raining! Raining! Raining! How the iron roof tops ring!
How the waters, swiftly draining through the straining down-pipes sing!
Every drop a golden rhyme is, every shower a stanza strong,
And each day of raining time is canto sweet of God’s great song.

Oh, the earth was dry as tinder and her lips were cracked with pain!
 From the south to Thargomindah like a dead thing she has lain;
But her famine days are over, and her smiles shall soon be seen,
For her old time Autumn lover brings her back her garb of green.

For it’s raining! Raining! Raining! Over all the thirsty land!
Don’t you hear the old earth straining as the sapless roots expand?
And above the joyous beating on the rooftops you can hear
All the choirs of nature meeting in an anthem loud and clear.


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