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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - July 24, 2016

Archibald Prize & Barry Humphries

It's time for the annual Brouhaha of the ARCHIBALD PRIZE …this years winner is a Barry Humphries portrait  by Louise Hearman. Esther Stewart won the Sulman and the Ken family the Wynne.

1 What was Barry Humphries supposed to have done with a bag of fruit salad?
  Pretended it was vomit and eaten it
2 Name 3 other characters created by Humphries apart from Sir Les and Dame Edna.
  Sandy Stone, Neil Singleton, Martin Agrippa, Lance Boyle Owen Steele, Barry McKenzie
3 What prize did a portrait of a mate of Barry Humphries win in 2014?
  Sir Les by Tim Storrier packing room prize.

News this week - Jim and Frank Ifield and Wayne Horsburgh at Coast Centre! (see July newsletter)

Barry Humphries was born raised in Camberwell and "self-educated, attended Melbourne Grammar School" .

His street theatre 'pranks' were famous -  Humphries dressing as a Frenchman, with an accomplice dressed as a blind person; the accomplice would board a tram, followed soon after by Humphries who would force his way past the "blind" man, yelling "Get out of my way, you disgusting blind person", kicking him viciously in the shins and then jumping off the tram and making his escape in a waiting car.

An even more extreme example was his notorious "sick bag" prank. This involved carrying on to an aircraft  or public place a bag of fruit salad or a tin  of Heinz salad - he would then surreptitiously empty into an air-sickness bag. At the appropriate point in the flight, he would pretend to vomit loudly and violently into the bag. Then proceed to eat the contents.

His one man shows have great satirical names.

He was an artist before he was an actor ... is a fine painter, art expert, literary collector, conservative, ex alcoholic, four times married and wonderfully complicated and multi facetted person.


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