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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - July 17, 2016

Aussie Pioneers of Flight

Aussie inventor Lawrence Hargrave can be called the father of the aeroplane. He is credited with being the most important contributor to the development of the powered (non inflated) flying machines.

1 Hargrave is remembered as flying his box kites and aircraft at Stanwell Park but he flew them moistly where he lived - where was that?
  Point Piper
2 Why should we remember Dr David Warren of Melbourne and Jack Grant of Qantas?
  Invented the black box flight recorder 1958 and inflatable escape slide 1965
3 Where are all Hargrave's models and papers to be seen
  Museum in Munich


Lawrence Hargrave possibly made the First powered flight in 1894 - Perhaps inspired by the boomerang, discovered that curved surfaces lift more than flat ones. He subsequently built the world's first box-kite, hitched four together, added an engine and flew five metres.

His designs were not © because he wanted others to use them and his ideas were used by the Wright Brothers, Alberto Santos-Dumont, Voisin, Bleriot.

He offered his archive to NSW but after they was no interest he gave them to some German Academics who donated them to the Munich Museum.

William Hudson Shaw was a Qantas Airlines executive and aviation historian. He was the author of numerous articles about Hargrave. During his research Lawrence’s daughters Helen Gray, Margaret Hudson and Olive Blackman and his grand-daughter Grizel Gray. gave Shaw papers and photographs relating to Hargrave. The family and Shaw donated papers to the Powerhouse Museum.

Winifred Tennant (1935)

Ask the sun; it has watched him pass –
A shadow mirrored on seas of glass;
Ask the stars that he knew so well
If they beheld where a bird-man fell.
Ask the wind that has blown with him
Over the edge of the ocean’s rim,
Far from the charted haunts of men,
To the utmost limits and back again.
Ask the clouds on the mountain height,
The echoes that followed him in his flight,
The thunder that prowls the midnight sky,
If a silvered ‘plane went riding by.

If the birds could talk, would they tell of the fall
Of a god who winged above them all?
Of an eagle-man, by the world’s decrees,
King of the blue immensities?


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