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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - February 28, 2016

BRISBANE - a Brief History and few fascinating facts

Jim is in Brisbane to do a fund raiser for St Vincent De Paul
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1 What do the names Moreton Bay, Brisbane and Edinglassie all have in common?
  They were all official names for Brisbane
2 Where Flinders landed in 1799 and the settlement began is obvious if you know your geography, it sticks out into the bay. Where was it?
3 Why is Smithy's Southern Cross in Brisbane?
  It landed there after blown off course from Fiji


In 1823 Governor Brisbane believed that Port Macquarie was ineffective as a penal settlement because convicts could easily escape, and Norfolk Island was inappropriate for minor misdemeanors. He believed a penal establishment was the way to prepare for the introduction of free settlers into an area. He sent an exploration party, led by the Surveyor General John Oxley, to Moreton Bay.

Receiving a favourable report he gave orders to establish Moreton Bay to accommodate both male and female convicts. Henry Miller was Commandant, and in 1824, sailed north with 50 settlers including 30 convicts. Due his harsh treatment of convicts Miller was replaced in 1825 by Captain Peter Bishop, who was more humane but failed to make any progress, and was replaced in March 1826 by Captain Patrick Logan whose "regime would reflect the iron clad severity the new Governor Darling was determined to impose on the convicts of the colony".

By 1829 the number of convicts had reached 700. In October 1830 Captain Logan has killed by Aboriginals while he was completing a survey of the area and was replaced by Captain James Clunie under whose command the Moreton Bay developed as a town, due to the "first class" of convict being sent there.

In 1832 Governor Bourke advocated terminating the Penal Establishment because of the expense of its maintenance. Clunie was replaced by Captain Foster Fyans, in 1835, and the recommend at in for abolishing the penal establishment and introducing free settlers was supported by England.

By 1839 all of the female convicts had been removed and only 94 male convicts remained. By 1840 the prisoner’s barracks were empty and, on 10 February 1842 Moreton Bay was declared open for free settlement.

Although it was originally Moreton Bay and Chief Justice Francis Forbes named in 'EdinGlassie' (Edinburgh and Glasgow) it was known as Brisbane even before the separation of Queensland in 1859, when the name became official.

Moreton Bay 


One Sunday morning as I went walking, by Brisbane waters I chanced to stray;
I heard a prisoner his fate bewailing, as on the sunny river bank he lay:
‘I am a native of Erin’s island, and banished now from my native shore;
They tore me from my aged parents and from the maiden whom I do adore.

‘I’ve been a prisoner at Port Macquarie, at Norfolk Island and Emu Plains,
At Castle Hill and at cursed Toongabbie, at all those settlements I’ve worked in chains;
But of all places of condemnation and penal stations of New South Wales,
To Moreton Bay I have found no equal; excessive tyranny each day prevails.

‘For three long years I was beastly treated, and heavy irons on my legs I wore;
My back with flogging is lacerated and often painted with my crimson gore.
And many a man from downright starvation lies mouldering now underneath the clay;
And Captain Logan he had us mangled at the triangles of Moreton Bay.

‘Like the Egyptians and ancient Hebrews we were oppressed under Logan’s yoke,
Till a native black lying there in ambush did give our tyrant his mortal stroke,
My fellow prisoners, be exhilarated that all such monsters such a death may find!
And when from bondage we are liberated our former suffering shall fade from mind.’


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