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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - February 21, 2016

Stone the Crows and Wagga Quilts!

Today we take a look at a few things about Wagga that you may not know about- an search for the meaning of STONE THE CROWS!

1 What is a 'wagga'  or 'wagga quilt'?
  A quilt made from scraps and lined with hessian
2 What is a 'wagga rug or blanket'?
  A blanket of hessian patches
3 Apart from the OBVIOUS derivation of 'stone the crows' what other - more obscure, possible derivations that have nothing to do with crows - are there?
  "Stove the croze" - meaning to break open a barrel or "Christ on the cross" 

* Stone The Crows Festival at Wagga Wagga at Easter goes for 7 days -  it's hard describe. It involves entertainment, craft, sport, talks, classes etc etc .

* website is www.stonethecrows.com .au

* The Talent Quest at Stone the Crows has produced amazing surprises - books and CDs. Bill Daglish is an example!

* There are 3 sections of the GReyVee Awards open to NON attendees :

'Wagga' rugs and quilts
The term Wagga Rug refers to the traditional Wagga made generally around the end of the 19th century. These rugs were made by men who when working outdoors and away from home would roughly sew together hessian or jute bags to make a rug to keep them warm. The domestic Wagga quilt emerged in the early 20th century. Not only were these quilts practical – providing warmth, but they were also decorative providing some colour in homes (or tent perhaps in the Glenn family case). During winter the quilt may well have been stuffed with ‘summer’ or older clothes to provide thickness and extra warmth. Quilts have been divided into two groups, the largely utilitarian waggas, bush rugs and patchwork – the ‘waste not, want not’ or making do tradition – and others which were more decorative.....The real ‘wagga’ was a woollen patchwork bedcover or ‘woolly sandwich’ a named coined by quilt expert.

Oh, I Say!
Will Moody

            An OAM? – On Australia Day?
            An OAM? – Oh, I say!
            That uncouth chap in those garish suits,
            consorting with singers in cowboy boots?!
            With his ukulele and rubber face?
            A common-touch-minstrel should know his place!
            He of the low-brow song and rhyme?
            Oh, I say! It's just a crime!
            Surely we'll find that he's been mistook
            for a 'Vaucluse Chap' or a Toorak cook.
            For a captain of commerce or mining man
            or a sly 'front-bencher' with a back-room plan.

            Well yes, I'll grant that he's done his bit
            to help young hopefuls become 'a hit'.
            And perhaps it's true - there's much to tell
            of the list of things that he does do well – 
            promoting writers of rhyme and song...
            well...yes, on reflection, I could be wrong.
            He can certainly write and anthologise.
            I say! Seems I am the one should apologise
            and say “Well done; full credit to them
            who awarded Jim Haynes his OAM”.





Check out Stone the Crows Festival - held at Wagga Wagga - Every Easter

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