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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - February 14, 2016


Are Aussie men romantic? Do listeners have examples of 'misguided attempts at romance' ? or the opposite ?

1 Name Henry Lawson's famous poem in answer to those who said he couldn't write about love.
2 Name Banjo Paterson's poem to the finance he never married

Long as your eyes are blue

3 Name Will Ogilvie's famous poem about lost love that relates to our topic of two weeks ago - wild horses
  Where the brumbies come to water

Possible derivations of the myth that we are NOT romantic?

• Our convict beginnings. Romance came 2nd to making the best of things.
• The scarcity of women in the colony.
• the 'male dominated' society and 'mateship'.
• Inarticulate men unused to female company?

Is it true that Aussie 'foreplay' consists of 'Are you asleep?' and 'Brace yourself Cheryl!' ????

Dave and Mabel. The AFL Grand Final etc  Aussie stereotypes ?

• Most cultures have a similar 'myth' about men being unromantic eg cowboys in USA. But it is true that Aussie women found American and even British servicemen refreshingly romantic and more attentive to women in WW2 than Aussie men.

Jim is reciting and talking about Henry Lawson and his mates at the COAST CENTRE on Thursday 25th February It's $15 which includes an 'Aussie Afternoon tea' call Coast Centre on 9311 4886 to book - office hours. or www.coastcentre.org.au

The Stone The Crows Festival for Grey Nomads is on again at Wagga Wagga at Easter! We will talk about it next week and hear some of the talent that it produces!

Check out Stone the Crows Festival - held at Wagga Wagga - Every Easter

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