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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - December 18, 2016

Only 6 Shopping Days to Aussie Christmas


Aussie carols and songs … who remembers the Aussie Christmas Carols? Who can sing the NEXT line of these Aussie songs…. And tell us the titles?

1 “Out on the plains the brolgas are dancing ……”
  “Lifting their feet like war horses prancing..” CAROL OF THE BIRDS)
2 “Christmas where the gumtrees grow…”
  “There is no frost and there is no snow…”CHRISTMAS WHERE THE GUM TREES GROW
3 “The north wind is tossing the leaves…”
  “The red dust is over the town …”CHRISTMAS DAY

•  With only SIX days to Christmas the shops are full of wintry images of snow and reindeer .. its taken 200 years for Aussies of European background to realise we have Christmas in summer… Jim remembers a childhood of totally inappropriate European traditions at Christmas time …. “

• Aussie Christmas memories from the past ... driving to aunties... cricket in the backyard ... what were YOUR Christmas traditions? How about migrant Aussies with their own customs from home etc? • Who can remember when CHOOK was a Christmas treat!? And we knew the name of Christmas dinner!

• How Aussie Christmas has changed in past 20 years. Food, activities, traditions, split families etc

Carol of the Birds by William Garnet James and John Wheeler

Out on the plains the brolgas are dancing
Lifting their feet like war horses prancing
Up to the sun the woodlarks go winging
Faint in the dawn light echoes their singing
Orana!  Orana!  Orana to Christmas Day
Down where the tree ferns grow by the river
There where the waters sparkle and quiver
Deep in the gullies bell-birds are chiming
Softly and sweetly their lyric notes rhyming
Orana!  Orana!  Orana to Christmas Day
Friar birds sip the nectar of flowers
Currawongs chant in the wattle tree bowers
In the blue ranges lorikeets calling
Carols of bushbirds rising and falling
Orana!  Orana!  Orana to Christmas Day



Henry Lawson

Along by merry Christmas time they buy the aged goose,
And boil the dread plum pudding, because of ancient use.
But to sneer at old time customs would be nothing but a crime,
For the memory of the Past is all bound up in Christmas time.

Then Jim comes home from shearing, and he puts a few away,
With Dad, perhaps, or Uncle, but they’re right on Christmas Day: For be it on the Never, or ’neath the church bells’ chime,
The family gets together, if they can, at Christmas time.

And, after tea at Christmas, they clear the things away
And play the dear old silly games our grandfolk used to play
And Dad gives a recitation that used to be the joy
Of all the Western countryside, when Father was a boy.

Along by merry Christmas time, and ere the week is o’er
We meet and fix up quarrels that each was sorry for.
Our hearts are filled with kindness and forgiveness sublime,
For no one knows where one may be next merry Christmas time.


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