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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - August 7, 2016

Olympic Aussie Oddities

Let's look at the LIGHTER side of Olympic history! And some odd facts.

1 Which Olympics led to the founding of the Australian Institute of Sport? and why?
  Montreal 1976 we won 1 silver, 4 bronze and came 32nd
2 How many medals did Australia win in 1098 or 1912 or both?
  None - there was no Australian team - we competed with New Zealand as Australasia, won 5 in 1908 and 7 in 1912
3 How many times was the Australian flag raised in victory at the first Olympics in 1896?
  None, Edwin Flack was Victorian and the Union Jack was raised.

Aussie Olympic Trivia

•      Architecture, sculpture, painting, music and literature were taken out of the Olympics in 1954. Dropped as they were considered to be PROFESSIONAL!

•      Edwin Flack who won the 800 and 1500 in 1896 lost the tennis doubles semi final and lost after two rounds in singles. - his bronze medal was presented in 2008! He was born in London migrated to Victoria at age 5 and at the age of 21 was sent to London to receive further training as an accountant with the firm Price, Waterhouse & Comigrated

•      Our first ever Winter Olympic team was one competitor, Ken Kennedy, in 1936 - he finished 33rd 33rd and 29th in speed skating 500, 1500 and 5000 metres. Another Aussie Fred McEvoy, won a bronze as captain of the British bobsled team!

• The largest crowd EVER to attend a baseball game was MCG 1956 - an exhibition match between Australia and USA Services team drew 114 000 people.

•      Snowy Baker won a silver in boxing after competing in swimming and diving - the boxing was  held 3 months after the Olympics finished - it was really just the British titles.

•      In 1912 - 24 'AUSTRALIASIAN" competitors won 7 medals  but the 9 swimmers won them all!


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