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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - August 28, 2016


In Europe Spring is signaled by the FIRST CUCKOO In Sydney we have:   
                  •Those WRETCHED INDIAN MYNAHS nesting!!!!!
                  •Footy Finals
                  •Tulips at Bowral
                  •Snakes and blue tongues in the backyard

WHERE do these Springtime creatures COME from?
1 Blowflies
  They pupate under ground - not eggs!
2 Snakes and lizards
  Hibernating underground
3 Koels
  Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

In DAYS GONE BY …  the OFFICIAL switch from long trousers to SHORTS!
For girls the switch from serge to cotton uniforms at school
Remember whitening your tennis shoes?
Snakes and blue tongues … please look after them if you can … don’t spray too much … remember lizards discourage snakes

The call of the Common Koel is a well known ‘Cooee’. The male is glossy blue-black with a red eye and a long rounded tail. The female is the more showy of the pair with cocoa-brown, white-spotted back feathers. In spring to summer the Common Koel migrates from Indonesia and PNG to northeast Australia, but often flies as far south as Sydney.

The maggots of the blowfly pupate and reawakening depends on soil temperature. The pupae of resemble rat droppings or the egg case of cockroaches.  If soil temperature is less than 15°C, development may halt. During pupation, the first and last three body segments are retracted and chemical changes in the maggot’s skin transform it to a rigid barrel-shaped puparium (cocoon). Inside the puparium the maggot metamorphoses into a fly. When the soil temperature is low, larvae dropping into the soil do not develop past the prepupal—retracted larva—stage. As the soil warms in spring larval development will come into synchrony. Development will be slow at first but as soil temperature rises this “overwintering” population will emerge en masse in mid to late spring.


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