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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - April 3, 2016

school days

Going to School in Sydney ..... Back then!
Around this time of the year I remember the old 3 term year, when we changed to winter uniforms (long trousers) after Easter (or ANZAC Day). Or was it term 2?

We had a TUESDAY holiday for the show - 'children's day'. ANZAC Day meant no more swimming.

1 Menzies gave it to kids and Whitlam took it away, on the advice of Nugget Coombes. What was it??
  School milk
2 Commonwealth assistance to ALL schools was introduced by? Under WHAT guise?
  Science equipment - Malcolm Fraser
3 When was the cane abolished in NSW?
  1987 repealed 1989, banned 1995 again private schools 1997 - Victoria 1983

Memories of school:

• military style - parade ground assemblies - marching into class - saluting the flag - Col Bogey.

• games - red rover - cocky laura - British Bulldog - skipping - 'lastics - fly.

• lunch room - scripture - fetes - sports days.

• craft - sewing - cane baskets.

• school bus - trams - walking to school! - bike shed.

• empire day - Gould league - old teachers from WW2




On Looking Through An Old Punishment Book    
Henry Lawson

I took the book of punishment,
And ran its columns down;
I started with an open brow
And ended with a frown;
I noted long-forgotten names –
They took me unaware;
I noted old familiar names.
But my names wasn’t there!

I thought of what I might have been,
And Oh! My heart was pained
To find, of all the scholars there,
That I was never caned!
I thought of wasted childhood hours,
And a tear rolled down my cheek –
I must have been a model boy,
Which means a little sneak!

“Oh, give me back my youth again!”
Doc Faustus used to say –
I only wish the Powers could give
My boyhood for a day,
A model boy! Beloved of girls!
Despised by boys and men!
But it comforts me to think that I’ve
Made up for it since then.


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