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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - April 10, 2016



1 Why should you be on guard driving alone on Wakehurst Parkway at night? 
  A girl in a white dress appears near Middle Creek Bridge. If you are alone she might take control of your car
2 Why should the Town Hall be haunted although there is no evidence that it ever was?
  It was Sydney's cemetery and all the graves were not removed when it was built
3 Why do many of Sydney's artists and potters have scary memories of their student day?
  Sydney Art School was the old Darlinghurst Gaol and it's haunted

Darlinghurst Gaol - Francis Greenway designed Darlinghurst in 1820. His plans were used for the walls. But because he was an ex-convict, he was taken off the job and his plans were not used. Instead, the jail was built using the plans of a jail in Philadelphia, like the spokes of a wheel, with wings radiating from a central point leaving narrow segments of space between.

Before it closed in 1914 over 70 people were hanged there. Henry Lawson did time there, for drunkenness and non payment of alimony. In 1921 it was adapted  to become East Sydney Tech College, then the National Art School.
Ghostly Past. There are three known haunted rooms in the old Gaol buildings; one of them is a classroom. This is where prisoners were kept prior to hanging. One security guard that remains nameless said:

It use to be really bad in here. What would happen was lights would come one and the doors would close. There was a smell too. It was so bad that you couldn’t stay in the room. Maybe you could say it smelt like dirty socks or rats. We got the place cleaned and the lights checked but the problem was not fixed. I would race through here at night; I really did not like the feeling. I still don’t like it a night. It was especially bad near the stairs, and it happened when there were not many people around.”

Near the staircase outside there are about five spirits, which can be heard in the blue room knocking on the blackboard. Teachers have also been the victims of ghostly encounters. One of the teachers saw a ghost in the men’s toilet in Building R, there was just a head and a face, which was blue-grey and old. The teacher fell to the floor with a sickly feeling and felt drained till he left the room. There has also been another report of a spirit who followed that teacher home all the way to Glebe Island Bridge.

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